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— July 2nd- Gyeongbokgung Palace and Insa-Dong

The next morning Sir Cho came to pick us up at 10am and we immediately headed off to the subway and to Gyeongbokgung Palace…..supposedly there was a special ceremony that would be occurring at 11am so we needed to get there ASAP. Sir Cho brought his younger brother who was soooooooooooo awesome…..every time I would start singing a song he would immediately finish it….. telepathy I think yes ^^

We made it in the nick of time and got to see the “Change Ceremony”, which is an old Korean Tradition. It was pretty awesome seeing all the historically dressed people and tourist surrounding the place.  We went inside and toured around the palace for a good 2 hours before heading out to Insa-Dong where we would meet our other students.

Thankfully a lot of students came which was awesome! We decided before walking around Insa-Dong we should eat something. Sir Cho suggested we try Kong Gook Soo (Cold Soybean Noodle Soup) because it is a Korean dish that is famous to eat in the summer. We ordered Kong Gook Soo and mandu (my favorite) everything was soooooo delicious :)

After dinner we began our journey. Insa-Dong is a huge place where they sell folkcrafts and Traditional Korean items (great place for souvenirs). I really loved it :) I am into the historical era of Korea so seeing all the traditional culture was amazing to me!  We also visited this huge outdoor cultural complex named Ssamziegil, it’s four stories high and is lined with art, traditional and modern shops.

Due to our wild adventure yesterday (Music Bank) we were all really drained and it was super hot. All we wanted was AC and something cool so we opted for McDonalds LOL ^^ we all ended our journey there with some ice cream cones and iced coffee :)…. then we headed back to Cheonan.

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